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Better basketball shooting seems to win most games. Some of us avoid severe basketball drills. We shoot hoops alone, in the driveway. Just for the fun of it! That's where we practice the repeated stance, timing, toss and trajecctory of our free-throws.

·        Spend more time shooting and less time chasing the ball
·        Returns the basketball anywhere in a 90 degree arc without needing adjustment
·        Installs in seconds - no tools required

We love the thrill of hitting shots, and having the ball bounce back to the line. Take another! That's the story of BALLBACK.


Rim Skin


The Rim Skin product simply slips over your home rim to reduce the ball entry area. The vibrant colors of the Rim Skin enforce your awareness for the tighter basketball target. The result - you stay focused and shoot with more accuracy and precisely. This piece of basketball equipment increases target visibility into twilight hour…for more fun. Special molded holes in the Rim Skin help identify preferred shot alignment.  And - your basketball free throw practice session can be extended into twilight. The benefits of Rim Skin deserve review:


·         Rim Skin provides a tighter target

·         Rim Skin improves concentration – scoring.
·         The rim covering protects finger slams.
·         The color extends evening play.



The Pedestal Stand


The PEDESTAL trophy stand provides an appropriate storage spot for that special sport ball, whether a football, basketball, baseball or any ball of any shape.  They all seem to fit. They nest in the fingers of the PEDESTAL.  It keeps them from rolling around.  Your sport ball is positioned on a pedestal....where it belongs. ...prominently displayed. 




Ballaway mounts on your basketball goal pole (use belt)-or-on a wall (use screws) of the garage, game room or closet. You can now "put the ball away" (as Mom would say). The ball won't be rolling around any more!

Basketballs, soccer balls, football and playballs all nest nicely to stay where they belong. Ballaway now comes in bright yellow.


Putting Tuner


PUTTING TUNER is a great golf putting practice aide.It's solid aluminum (anodized finish) for stability & long life.You can use it on the putting green - (anywhere -even in the hole) or on carpet in your own home.
A tighter target (the tuning fork) kicks perfect putts right back to you. You get a musical note and a great reward. Stand 4 to 5 feet away and stroke firmly. Hear the music. Stroke again!

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